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Welcome to our blog series:
News from the Bench!

Check in for advice and information on instrument care and maintenance, as well as featured products we find useful and interesting.



Answers to Common Bow Hair Questions 

We find a lot of customers have questions about the hair on their bows. 
Here we answer some of the more common questions customers have about their bow hair.  

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Posted on: 23 MAY 2019

To Rent or Cancel: The Big Summer Decision 

With concert and recital season upon us, many customers are deciding whether or not to continue their rental.
We go over the benefits to continuing your rental through the summer.

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Posted on: 17 APRIL 2018


Humidity and Your Instrument

 Slipping Pegs. Open Seams. CRACKS! Low Bridges. Angry Wolf Tones. 
 We go over common humidity issues and how to keep your instrument and bow happy and humid.

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Posted on: 30 JULY 2016


Unexplained Breaking or Exploding Bow Hair

Have you opened your case and found an explosion of broken bow hair?
Here we chat about bow bugs.

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Posted on: 26 APR 2016

Slipping Peg Strife

Here we cover the common causes of slipping pegs and offer some helpful solutions. 

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Posted on: 15 MAR 2016

5 Popular E Strings Reviewed


Violinist and former restorer at Lashof Violins, Charlotte, reviews 5 popular E Strings. 


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Posted on: 26 JULY 2016