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Summer Rental Returns

Spring is FINALLY here!

With warmer weather, we in the music community can expect the beginning of spring recitals and end-of-year concerts.

Here at the shop, spring concert and recital season means helping musicians with string changes, rehairs, and last-minute tonal adjustments.

For our renters, post-concert season and the end of school means it is time to make a decision--keep renting the instrument they got from Lashof Violins, exchange that rental for a larger size or different instrument, or cancel the rental contract.

To Rent or Return

When a customer tells us they are considering returning their rental, we always ask this important question, "will the student continue to play next school year?"

If the answer is, "No, the student no longer wishes to play" and there isn't someone at home who wishes to start playing a violin, viola, or cello--we typically recommend that the customer cancel the rental contract. In this instance, we recommend the customer simply stop by during our regular business hours and bring the instrument, case, and bow they are renting. When the instrument outfit is returned, the contract is canceled and, if the customer has made more than one rental payment, any unused months of rent (and maintenance/protection) will be credited back to the customer at that time. Upon cancellation, the customer's rental credit will be canceled. 

If the answer is, "Yes, the student will continue to play next school year"-- we typically recommend that the customer continue to rent. The advantage to continuing to rent through the summer is twofold:
1. The student can PRACTICE through the summer! (I know, I know, this can sometimes be a challenge to arrange, but just like keeping up with that summer reading, summer practicing can help students maintain the skills they obtained through the year!)

2. The customer can keep their rental credit and continue to gain equity toward the purchase of ANY rental instrument in our stock.*  However, cancelling your rental contract cancels your rental credit.

But the Student is Still Growing...

After advising a customer to continue to rent through the summer, we often hear this follow-up question, "Well, the student is growing and they probably won't need this instrument next year--they will need a different size. Why would I keep renting?" 

The answer to this question is this:

At Lashof Violins, 100% of your rent can apply toward the purchase of any rental instrument in our stock*--LARGER sizes included!

This means that a customer who is renting a 1/2 violin, at any point during their rental, can exchange that 1/2 violin for a different instrument. They can move up to a 3/4 violin, then up to a 4/4 violin, or even make the change from violin to viola or cello. 100% of the rent paid in is transferable* (the credit stays with the customer's contract) and can apply toward the purchase of any rental instrument in our stock!

It's that easy!

So if you find yourself considering whether or not to continue renting, consider how much money you may lose by canceling your rental for the summer and starting all over again in the fall!

Finally, to all you musicians out there--break a leg this recital/concert season!

*Account must be in good standing.