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1 East Diamond Ave. Ste F Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Lashof Violins' Community Plan for COVID-19   

June 19, 2020 Update           

After months of having our front showroom closed to the public, we are happy to announce the following change to our operations:

We are accepting customers into our front showroom (by appointment only).

(The violin/viola and cello showrooms will remain closed for the time being.) 

No one will be permitted into our store without an appointment or at a time other than their designated appointment. 

Additionally, only customers wearing a face covering will be permitted to work with our staff.

*If you or someone in your home is ill, please do not come into our store.*

We will continue to offer a number of services curbside by appointment. 

We will have dedicated staff ready to assist our curbside customers at the time of their appointment. This will be a no-contact transaction. Please make sure to bring a phone along for communication.

We will be happy to receive items for repair, sell curbside items by phone or web store (Click here to purchase sheet music and strings through our web store), exchange rental instruments, receive rental returns, and more. 


New Store Hours for Appointments: Tuesday-Saturday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Closed: Sunday & Monday




We will continue to follow any/all health and sanitation guidance offered by our local, state, and federal governments. Staff will not be permitted to work if they are ill or if they have been exposed to someone who is ill. 

We are committed to keeping information on hand to help with any potential need for contact tracing.

Changes to Our Front Showroom

Customers who schedule an in-store appointment will notice some changes to our front counters. We have added sneeze guards to our front counters to offer as much protection as possible for both our customers and our valued staff.

Repair Times

Due to the unique circumstances we continue to experience, it is important to note that repairs will take additional time. This additional time is so that we can allow items to sit in quarantine for a couple of days before we begin repairs. 

For customers picking up repaired items, when possible and out of an abundance of caution, we encourage customers to allow the repaired items to sit at home for 1-3 days before handling the items. Do NOT store cases, instruments, or bows in places that are not temperature controlled (for example, don't leave these items in your car or garage). 

Staff Safety
We continue to prioritize the safety and health of our families, clients, and staff. We will continue to follow all county, state, and national guidance on the best ways to ensure our staff (and customers) are well. We have provided and require all staff to wear face coverings, encourage and require frequent hand-washing/sanitizing, staff must show no signs of fever or illness before entering the building (or have been in contact with anyone who is ill), and we have replaced all high-fives with air high-fives. 

When handling instruments, cases, and bows, we will wash/sanitize our hands before and after handling these items. We will change the protective and cleaning cloths used between different customers' items and will sanitize all working surfaces as we go.  Again, instruments, cases, and bows which enter the store will sit for a few days before being cleaned and handled by our staff. 

Continued Operation
We will continue to adapt to the different circumstances as they arrive and, as such, changes in operations may follow as we are allowed and guided by state, county, and medical professionals. 

All of this being said—we appreciate your patience during all of these changes! We are so glad to know we have caring, patient customers who support our small business!

Best wishes,
Alicia, Gen, and Iris
The Managers of Lashof Violins