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A board that says bench press clamped in a workbench.

Bench Press - News from the Bench!
Instrument Care and Common Problems

Here are our blog entries centered on advice and information on instrument care and maintenance, as well as highlighting common problems and their causes.


Humidity and Your Instrument

One activated Precipitube humidifer and one unactivated humidifier.

Slipping Pegs. Open Seams. CRACKS! Low Bridges. Angry Wolf Tones. 
We go over common humidity issues and how to keep your instrument and bow happy and humid.

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Posted on: 30 JULY 2016 


Unexplained Breaking/Exploding Bow Hair

A zoomed in view of the horsehair on a bow and one of the hairs has tiny bites in it. Have you opened your case and found an explosion of broken bow hair?
Here we chat about bow bugs.

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Posted on: 26 APR 2016

Slipping Peg Strife

Violin pegs sitting on a workbench.
Here we discuss the common causes of slipping pegs and offer some helpful solutions

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Posted on: 15 MAR 2016

Wolf Tones Explained

A wolf howling an eighth note.Does it sound like you've broken your vibrato? Does your bow stroke feel like you're driving down the rumble strip on the highway when playing certain notes? You may have found a wolf tone! Here we discuss what a wolf tone is and how they are suppressed. 

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Posted on: 20 MARCH 2021

A sketch of the words, the growing presence of knock off strings.

Here we discuss the rise of imitation strings on the market and how to avoid purchasing them. 

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Posted on 25 MAY 2021

How to Start a New Rosin

Four rosins; one is new, one is lightly scuffed, one is scratched, & one is carved into.

Sandpaper, house keys, paper clips, kitchen knives...We've heard of a number of different ways 
customers start their new rosin. Here we discuss the best method to start a new rosin.
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Posted on: 1 MARCH 2022 

What's the Buzz?!

A bee buzzing with little eighth notes floating behind it.
Have you discovered a buzz on your instrument? Here are some common causes of buzzes and tips for easy fixes at home. 

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Posted on: 10 MAR 2021

Answers to Common Bow Hair Questions 

A blue heart made of small hanks of horsehair. We find a lot of customers have questions about the hair on their bows. 
Here we answer some of the more common questions customers have about their bow hair.  

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Posted on: 23 MAY 2019


Our (small) Case Against Finger Tapes

A violin neck with three tapes on the fingerboard.Finger tapes can be a wonderful way for players to learn note locations on the fingerboard, but they can also cause some issues. Here we discuss the mechanics of those problems and a simple solution. 

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Posted on: 31 JAN 2020

A List of Low Humidity Problems

One activated Precipitube humidifer and one unactivated humidifier.

A Long List of the Most Common Problems Caused by Low Humidity Levels.

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Posted on: 24 FEBRUARY 2023