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Frequently Asked Questions

The Precipitube Humidifier

Is The Precipitube Humidifier easy to use?
Absolutely. All you have to do is place the tube in an 1" of water (occasionally adding 1 TBSP bleach to the soaking water) for **10-15 minutes, dry off, and clip it back in your case, and close your case. The Precipitube® Humidifier is also wonderful for the busy musician because, in most climates, you only have to reactivate it every 7-10 days.

**Soak times may vary by location. Always start with a 10 minute soak and add more time if needed.

I currently don't have a string tube in my case, can I still use The Precipitube Humidifier?
No string tube clips in your case? No problem! Want to continue using your string tube and also add a Precipitube® Humidifier? That's not a problem either! Lashof Violins carries screw-on clips for cases. Click Here to Shop for Case Clips. 

I own a fractional-sized violin, but the standard Precipitube Humidifier is too long. Can I get a shorter Precipitube Humidifier?
Precipitubes® are made in-store and can be made in custom lengths. Click Here to Shop for Custom Short Precipitube Humidifiers.

Can my current string tube be turned into a Precipitube?
Unfortunately, no. The Precipitube® Humidifier has been specifically designed to withstand typical use, including installing and removing the humidifier from string tube clips. We have found that traditional string tubes are not as strong as the Precipitube® Humidifier and break quickly with minimal use.

Will The Precipitube Humidifier provide too much humidity??
Not at all. The Precipitube® Humidifier has been designed to provide the perfect balance of humidity based on the size of the tube and the water-holding capacity of the interior crystals.

In addition, if you experience changes in bow hair length after installing a Precipitube® Humidifier, this typically means your bow was under-humidified before installation.

I am starting to see discolored crystals in my Precipitube; what can I do?
By simply adding a small amount of bleach to the water (1 TBSP/gallon of water) every other time you soak your Precipitube®, mildew/dirt problems can be prevented and often treated.

If you feel the crystals are beyond treatment or you simply would like new ones, we carry Refill Packets which contain replacement crystal which can be purchased in-store or online.

Finally, make sure you are not over-hydrating your Precipitube. Make sure the crystals have had enough time to begin to shrink in the humidifier. Hydrating your humidifier too often will not allow the crystals to release moisture at an adequate rate and can speed up the growth of mildew.

I'm a college student and don't have access to a sink or bathtub large enough to soak my Precipitube. What should I do?
A standard sized Precipitube® can be a little tricky to soak while on the road or away at school. For our customers who are already using The Precipitube®, we recommend finding another container long enough to soak the tube. Some of our creative customers have found that wallpaper trays (which typically retail for $3-$5) and other plastic storage containers (similar to under-the-bed storage containers, etc.) work very well for reactivating their humidifier.

If you are considering purchasing The Precipitube® and travel often or have dorm room limitations, order our new travel size Precipitube®! It comes with two 10" tubes which can easily soak in a dorm or bathroom sink.

I over-soaked my Precipitube Humidifier! What do I do?

This can happen to the best of us!

To care for a Precipitube Humidifier that has begun to lose crystals through the slits in the humidifier, begin by removing The Precipitube Humidifier from the location where it was soaking.

Get a paper towel and wipe any excess crystals which have escaped from the humidifier and dispose of them in the garbage. (Removing The Precipitube Humidifier from the water will stop the excess crystals from continuing to escape from the humidifier.)

Once The Precipitube Humidifier is wiped off, it should be safe to place back into your case. If you are concerned about continuing expansion of crystals after you have removed your humidifier from the water, simply set it aside on a counter for 5 minutes and then place it into your case.

If you soaked your Precipitube in a sink/tub, carefully remove all excess crystals from that area so that they cannot escape down the drain and dispose of the crystals in the garbage.

Regularly over-soaking your Precipitube Humidifier may cause the crystals to wear/thin out prematurely, so make sure to set a timer when you soak to preserve the crystals you have. 

The average soak time recommended for a standard 19.5" Precipitube Humidifier is approximately 10-15 minutes. We recommend starting with the shortest time possible to soak The Precipitube Humidifier; different climates will require different times for soaking based on the humidity in the air.