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Eastman 200 - 4/4 Violin Outfit (for Quarterly Online Rental Agreement) - Rental

per quarter

$21.00/quarter maintenance
$0/quarter protection
I agree to terms and conditions

* Total purchase price of

* Includes $ security deposit

* Includes $ down payment

* Includes 1 payment up front

The rental includes the following items: 4/4 "Eastman 200" Violin, 4/4 Upgraded Violin Case, 4/4 Upgraded Wood/Composite Bow, and Upgraded Rosin.

Payments are made quarterly (every 3 months). Not available for shipping.
The customer who rented the instrument online will be expected to personally sign a rental contract upon pick-up.

These 4/4 "Eastman 200" violins are set up in our store by our professionally-trained repair and restoration staff. The instrument has been adjusted for ease of playing and tuning and comes standard with a  professional-quality, Perlon-core string set (other strings are available upon request and may be subject to additional fees).

A popular upgrade with many musicians, Eastman 200 violins are entirely hand-crafted with well-seasoned, select tonewoods and an attractive and durable hand-applied translucent amber varnish. They also feature ebony fingerboards and boxwood pegs, chinrest, and fine-tuning tailpiece (not pictured). This is a step-up, easy-to-play violin with a lovely, warm tone. 

The outfit comes with an upgraded violin case. These cases provide excellent protection for the instrument and bow and have additional storage space for a shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth, electronic tuner, sheet music, and more. 

The bow included is a full-size violin bow with either a Brazilwood or Composite stick. (You may let us know your bow stick preference when you pick up the outfit.)

The final item in the outfit is an upgraded rosin which has been selected for its smooth-playing characteristics. 

Please Note: 
The instrument you have chosen through our online rental portal is a placeholder for the same model instrument and we will match it as close as we have available in stock. The rental rate of the instrument you pick up will remain the same but the value of the instrument may differ. Advanced-rental instruments have limited availability.

String wear/breakage is NOT covered under Warranty or Maintenance/Protection. You, the renter, will be required to pay for any replacement strings. 

All renters must be 18 or older. Rentals are not shipped and must be picked up in person.

When you pick up the rental in-store, you will be required to: show your photo ID (with proof of current address) and credit/debit card in your name and sign the rental contract.