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Frequently Asked Rental Questions

How Does my Rental Credit Accumulate?

100% of your rental credit may be used toward the purchase of ANY in-stock rental instrument.

You are not required to purchase the instrument you originally rented and may exchange your rental instrument for a different rental instrument at any time during your contract.

If you wish to trade-up in quality beyond our rental program, 70% of your rental credit may be used toward the purchase of an upgrade instrument.

The optional Maintenance/Protection does not apply toward the purchase price. (Tax applies toward the taxed price of the instrument.)

Can I Buy a Rental Instrument that Costs Exactly the Amount of my Rental Credit?

As long as we have an instrument available in our rental stock which matches that amount, YES, YOU MAY!  
(Please keep in mind that we do not sell instruments below a certain quality so you’re not going to be able to find a $60.00 violin in our store.)

Again, you may use 100% of your rental credit to purchase a rental instrument!

How Long does my Rental Contract Last?

There is a minimum rental fee of three (3) months during which there are no refunds, but you may return your rental and cancel your contract at any time.

Your contract ends either when you either:

a)       Cancel your contract by returning the rental or

b)      When you accumulate enough credit to purchase the rental instrument on your account.

We will NOT charge you more rent than the instrument you are renting is worth!

Am I Obligated to Purchase a Rental Instrument?


However, if you rent with us long enough that your rental credit matches the full price of the instrument you rented, you will own that instrument.

Can I Keep my Rental Credit if I Change Sizes or Switch to a Different Instrument?

Yes, you can!

For as long as you are renting, 100% of your rental credit stays with your name and moves along to the next rental instrument.

Is there a Fee to Change Sizes or Switch to a Different Instrument?

Provided no damage has happened to the instrument, case, or bow, there is no fee to exchange to another rental instrument.

How Does Billing Work?

Rental payments are paid every three (3) months from the original date of the contract.

Rentals are automatically charged to the credit/debit card on account.

How do I Change the Credit/Debit Card on my Account?

You may call, stop by, or update your credit card on our website at the following link: Rental Account Login

Is this a Rent-to-Own Plan?

Yes, it is!

Unlike other programs which charge you rent endlessly beyond the value of the instrument you are renting, your rental contract is considered completed once you either:

a)       Accumulate enough credit to purchase the instrument you are renting or

b)      Use your rental credit to purchase a different instrument in our store.

Again, we will NOT charge you more rent than your rental instrument is worth!

Do I Have to Buy the EXACT Instrument I Rented Originally?

You may exchange your rental instrument anytime during your rental contract.

My Student is Playing Again Next School Year, Should I Return my Rental Over the Summer?

If your student is going to play again next school year, it is to your advantage to keep renting through the summer break.

In order to keep 100% of your rental credit toward purchase, you must have an active rental contract.

Once you return your rental and cancel your contract, your rental credit is void.

Do Most People get the Maintenance/Protection Plan?

Should I get it?

Most of our renters do opt to get the Maintenance/Protection plan. If you have a young player, an instrument that will travel back and forth to school/rehearsal, or a young person/pet at home which has you worried, we highly recommend this option.

The Maintenance/Protection Plan covers 100% of accidental damage which may happen to the instrument, bow, or case. It covers maintenance items like rehairs, gluing, seasonal changes to the bridge height, etc.

It also covers the replacement of the outfit in the event it is lost or stolen (we do require a police report in these instances).

Deliberate damage like carving, writing, or stickers/decals and disposable accessories (strings and rosin) are excluded/not covered.

Can I Rent an Instrument Online?
An icon reads: renting an instrument has never been easier. Select the instrument you would like to rent, add it to your cart, and check out. Click here to get started.