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Continuing to Rent an Instrument During COVID-19 Community Closures

Hello out there!

We want to address a growing number of questions regarding our instrument rental plan for concerned players and parents of players.

Our instrument rentals are a quarterly rental plan. The first quarter of all rentals is non-refundable, but after that time you are welcome to return rentals and will be pro-rated for any prepaid, unused months.

With our program, your rental continues until you reach the full purchase price of an instrument or until you cancel the contract by returning the instrument.

Keep Your Credit
100% of your credit can transfer to any instrument in our rental stock during your rental.

If you wish to maintain the credit you have begun to accumulate toward the purchase of an instrument, you need to continue your rental contract. Returning rented instruments will cancel any credit you have accumulated toward purchase and, if you start a rental again at a later date, you start over from scratch.

Learn More
You can also learn more at our blog post regarding rental returns. Although this is written about returning your instrument during the summer, we feel this also can apply during this time. 

CLICK HERE to read our blog post.

Keep Playing!

We would encourage you to consider keeping your rental and encouraging any musicians in your home to practice and continue to make music! Playing music is an easy, fun, and engaging way to avoid screen time. 

Additionally, some orchestra teachers have already begun virtual instruction! We have heard directly from the parents of students who have been able to keep making music with their orchestra friends from the comfort of their own home. 

Music has powers of its own and is a wonderful way to pass time!

Financial Hardship

Additionally, we recognize that these are extraordinary times and if you are experiencing financial hardship and have a rental with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Wishing You Well,

The Staff at Lashof Violins