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Violin Rentals

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Viola Rentals

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Cello Rentals

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All rentals are billed quarterly (every 3 months). Price ranges/ instruments subject to availability. 
Rates vary by instrument value--used instruments typically have lower rental rates than newer instruments. 

Maintenance/Protection does not apply toward purchase.
Advanced Student Rentals available by reservation.
Advanced Student Rental & Maintenance/Protection rates differ.

Lashof Violins' Instrument Rental Program

If you or someone in your home is looking for a great violin,
viola, or cello to rent, we have the perfect program for you! 


Our rental program offers: 

  • 100% of Rental Credit to Apply toward the Purchase
  • Affordable, Easy-to-Play Instruments Set-Up in Store 
  • Optional, Comprehensive Maintenance/Protection Plan
  • Simple Payment Terms Designed to Grow with the Student
  • Advanced Rental Options for Intermediate and Advancing Players
  • No Deposit Required! Pay the first quarterly payment & leave with an instrument!

All rental contracts must be completed in person. Rentals are not available to ship. 
Valid credit card needed for first quarterly payment. 
Lashof Violins does not sell, rent, or service string basses.

Rental Program Details

*100% of Rent Paid Applies Toward the Purchase Price of ANY Rental Instrument. 
With every rental payment you make, 100% of the rental credit can apply toward the purchase of any instrument in our rental stock. This means once you have accrued enough rental credit to reach the full purchase price of the instrument listed on your contract, you own the instrument. It's that easy! ***

*Change Instruments or Sizes Any Time During the Rental Process.
There are no additional fees/penalties to exchange instruments of equal value. To exchange your rental, simply bring in the student and your current rental and pick a different rental instrument! 100% of the rental money paid in will transfer to the new instrument listed on your contract.***

*No Obligation to Buy. 
Simply return the instrument at any time during your rental to cancel the contract. (The first quarter is non-refundable, but the account may still be canceled during that time.)

*All Rentals Include: Instrument, Case, Bow, Rosin, Fine Tuners, and Free Case Tag. 
And BY REQUEST for a limited time during distance learning--A First Fret fingerboard marking guide. 
We also carry other accessories like: shoulder rests and shoulder pads, extra strings, cleaning cloths, music stands, method books and sheet music, mutes, and more!

*Purchased Rentals can be Traded-In for Another Instrument. 
Instruments purchased through our rental program can be traded-in at a later date toward the purchase of an instrument or equal or greater value. (For more information on trade-ins, 
please click here.)***

*Professional Set-ups on High-Quality Instruments. 
We offer well-made, professionally set-up instruments so players of all levels can easily succeed. We select instruments made in the traditional style of violin making (with traditional, high-quality materials) and then our professionally-trained staff set-up and adjust every instrument in our stock, on-site in our workshop.

*Optional Maintenance/Protection Program. 
Although we warranty and adjust/repair any issues due to manufacturer defect, we do understand accidents can happen. For this reason, we offer an optional maintenance/protection program. For a nominal fee payable with your quarterly rental payment, the coverage includes 100% of the cost of all adjustments to keep the instrument in playing condition, repairs made to damaged instruments, and replacement if the instrument is lost or stolen. (Some exclusions apply. For more information on our maintenance/protection program, 
please click here.)

*Quarterly Billing. 
All rental contracts are billed on a quarterly basis. To rent an instrument, simply pay for the first 3 months up front and renew every three months thereafter. The contract continues as long as you continue making payments, ending when your rental credit reaches the full price of the instrument or when you return the instrument and cancel the contract. 

*Trade In Options. 
Once you have paid off your rental instrument, you can still use it as a trade in toward other instruments in our store. 
Check out our 
Trade In Policies.

***Valid only for accounts in good-standing. Rental Rates differ depending on the value of the instrument rented; rentals exchanged for higher-valued rental instruments may have higher rental rates. Purchased rental instruments must still be in resaleable condition to be used as a trade-in.

What You Need to Rent an Instrument

There is no appointment necessary in order to rent an instrument from Lashof Violins--walk-ins are welcome anytime during our regular business hours. (If mornings from 10:00 am- 12:00 pm better suit your schedule, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.)

The length of the rental process varies upon the number of questions each customer has, but you can expect the process--from selecting an instrument to walking out the door--to take at least 20 minutes.

In order to secure a rental with Lashof Violins, the renter must present the following:

1. A Major Credit Card (in their name).
A major credit card (or debit card with major credit card symbol) is required for the first payment and as a guarantee of future payments. Lashof Violins requires the first rental payment be made on the credit card left on file. After making the first payment on a credit card, the renter will have the option to have their credit card automatically charged each following quarter or may opt to receive a statement in the mail and pay upon receipt of statement by check/money order, cash or credit.
The card holder must be present at the time of rental; no exceptions. Gift cards will not be accepted in place of a major credit/debit card. 
Prepaid gift cards will not be accepted for first rental payment(s).

2. Photo ID and Proof of Current Address. 
A driver's license with current address may be shown or, if new to the area, a bill/lease with proof of address and separate photo ID will also be accepted.

3. The Student. 
We recommend bringing along the student for sizing and because it's fun to chose an instrument.
If you are unable to bring the student along and the teacher has not offered a size suggestion, visit our sizing guide to help you figure out what size instrument your student needs: Useful Measurements

4. List from the Teacher. 
If the teacher has sent home a list of accessories or requirements, make sure to bring this list along so we can help set up you/your student for success!

The Maintenance/Protection Option

Violin with Multiple Cracks
A Maintenance/Protection Option is available for Violin, Viola, & Cello Rentals.
(Image to Left: Violin destroyed in a rocking chair accident and replaced through Maintenance/Protection Option)

The maintenance/protection coverage option is available for rental instruments. The optional fee for coverage, payable with your quarterly rental payments, will protect you while renting an instrument. (We cannot offer this option once the instrument is purchased.)

The Maintenance/Protection Coverage includes:
  • All Adjustments to Keep the Instrument and Bow in Playing Condition.
    • Adjustments like: bridge height adjustments, soundpost adjustments, bow rehairs, gluing open seams/fingerboards, missing pegs, fingerboard resurfacing, cleaning/polishing, etc.
  • Repairs Made to Accidentally Damaged Instruments and Bows.
    • Repairs like: gluing cracks, replacing snapped bridges, repairing broken edges or missing corners, regluing necks, snapped bows, replacing broken pegs, varnish touch-up, etc.
  • Case Adjustments/Repairs
    • Repairs like: replacing case feet and bow spinners, repairing handles or cracked cases. 
  • Full replacement if the instrument is accidentally destroyed, lost, or stolen. (See the image above.)
Coverage Excludes:
  • Intentional or Malicious Damage (Carving, writing, stickers on the case/varnish, etc.)
  • Disposable Accessories
  • Instruments removed from the MD/DC area

For all maintenance and repairs, bring the instrument to Lashof Violins who will have the sole discretion in determining if the instrument will be repaired or replaced.

In cases of loss or theft, a copy of a police report will be required prior to replacement of the instrument.

In cases of replacement, the instrument will be replaced as closely to the original as Lashof Violins has available. 
COVID-19 Rentals Update
We are open for business and, although things feel a little bit different, we still offer our regular services.

Due to the limited number of customers allowed in our store, we are operating by appointment. 

Customers may choose an appointment to rent an instrument in our store OR curbside. Customers may speed up the the rental process with an online rental or may select an instrument and complete their rental at our location.

Whether you chose a Curbside or In Store Appointment, we are still happy to help determine student sizing, but through a socially distant process.

Everyone's safety matters and we take this very seriously. 

Our staff will ALWAYS wear a face covering/mask (nose and chin will be covered!) when helping customers regardless of where an appointment takes place. Customers are also required to wear a face covering/mask when working with our staff.

Employees wash and sanitize their hands regularly and surfaces are cleaned often. Hand sanitizer is also available for customers. 

To Start a Rental Online, click HERE. 

To Schedule an Appointment to Come in to Rent or Exchange a Rental Instrument, Click HERE.