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by COVID-19, repair times may be extended. 

Instrument and Bow Repair Prices

Instrument Repairs
Dozens of violin bridges sit in a wooden tray.

Lashof Violins maintains an in-house restoration/repair workshop run by professional makers and restorers. We offer our repair prices online and in print so our customers have an accurate idea of how much standard repairs cost without a special phone call. Additionally, the staff at Lashof Violins takes pride in offering accurate estimates of the cost of repairs. When you pick up your repair from Lashof Violins, you can be certain there will be no "surprise" charges waiting for you! Repairs are completed with high-quality bridges, strings, bow hair, and other professional-quality fittings.

Lashof Violins is one of the repair facilities for MCPS and many other local music stores, serving other school systems and other regions in the greater Washington, D.C. area. The prices listed below are examples of our charges.

 Instrument Repairs  Violin/Viola  Cello
 Fit Standard Bridge  $65.00  $105.00
 Fit Professional Bridge  $110.00  $150.00
 Reset Soundpost  Free!  Free!
 New Soundpost  $40.00  $45.00
 Install Tailpiece Gut (Sacconi)  $30.00  $30.00
 Reglue Fingerboard  $30.00-$60.00  $45.00-$75.00
 Resurface Fingerboard  $60.00-$85.00  $70.00-$115.00
 Glue Loose Seam (each; size dependent)  $35.00   $45.00
 Install New Nut or Saddle  $60.00  $80.00
 Adjust/Shim Nut  $30.00-$45.00  $35.00-$50.00
 Install new Endpin (standard)  $30.00  $80.00
 Refit/Adjust Current Pegs  $15.00-25.00 each  $20.00-$30.00 each
 Fit New Peg Set
 (Standard Ebony Set of 4)
 $120.00  $160.00
 Install Customer Supplied Strings  $20.00/set  $22.00/set
 Install Strings Purchased at Lashof Violins  Free!  Free!
 Fit Wittner Finetune Peg Set  $150.00 violin
 $170.00 viola
 Clean & Polish  $60.00+  $75.00+
 Written Appraisals  $60.00   $60.00

Bow Repairs
A luthier combs the hair of a bass bow while working on a rehair.

 Bow Repairs  Violin/Viola Bows  Cello Bows  Bass Bows
 Rehair Bow--Fiberglass Stick (Glasser)  $42.00  $48.00  $51.00
 Rehair Bow--Wood or Composite Stick  $58.00  $64.00  $69.50
 Rehair Bow--Colorful Hair  $70.00  $76.00  $80.50
 Install Brass Eyelet (Parts Included)  $30.00-$50.00  $30.00-$50.00  $40.00-$60.00
 Fit New Pearl Slide  $60.00  $65.00  $70.00
 Install Silver Bow Winding  $105.00  $115.00  $105.00
 Install Black Plastic Winding  $50.00  $50.00  $50.00
 Install Black Plastic Grip  $7.50  $7.50  $7.50
 Install Standard Leather Bolster  $45.00  $45.00  $50.00
 Install Pearl Bow Frog Eye  $35.00-$60.00  $35.00-$60.00  $40.00-$65.00
 Bow Stick End Bushing  $150.00  $150.00  $155.00
 Recamber or Straighten Bow  $40.00-$75.00  $40.00-$75.00  $45.00-$80.00
 Install New Plastic Tip  $70.00  $80.00  $85.00
 Install New Bone Tip  $110.00  $120.00


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Major Restorations
A violin top has been removed from its body and rests on a work cradle.

 Major Repairs  Violin/Viola  Cello
 Remove Top or Back  $200.00  $350.00
 Regraduate   +$120.00+   +$150.00+
 New Bass Bar
 +$250.00-$350.00   +$400.00-$525.00
 Cracks (Per Cleat)   +$40.00   +$40.00
 Shorten Ribs (from the inside)   +$200.00   +$300.00
 Doubling (Whole)   +$850.00   +$1500.00
 New Corner or End Block   +$200.00   +$275.00
 New Neck Block   +$275.00   +$375.00
 Soundpost Patch (from the inside)   +$350.00   +$390.00
 Button Graft (includes bridge)   +$275.00   +$365.00
 New Rib   +$600.00   +$800.00
 Soundpost Patch (from the outside)  $75.00  $75.00
 Revarnish (includes stripping existing varnish)  $800.00-$1500.00  $1000.00-$1800.00
 Peg Bushings (not including realignment)  $90.00 per pair  $90.00 per pair
 New/Used Fingerboard  $350.00/$225.00  $475.00/$300.00
 Top Cracks (from the outside)  $40.00-$75.00  $60.00-$100.00
 Varnish Touch-up  $120.00 per hour  $120.00 per hour
 Reset Neck (Bridge is Additional)  $75.00+  $100.00+
 Neck Pin (includes fingerboard removal)  $150.00  $200.00
 Neck Graft (Partial with Used Neck)  $250.00  $350.00
 Full Neck Graft  $1200.00  $1600.00
 Bow Head Spline (Graphite Including Rehair)  $225.00  $225.00
 New Top, Back, Neck, or Full Rib Set  $3500.00+  $4500.00+
 Commercial Neck (New)  $350.00-$700.00  $450.00-800.00
 Commercial Neck (Used)  $300.00  $450.00

Restorations on musical instruments are subject to the artistic interpretation of the individual restorer and cannot be offered with a guarantee of specific results regarding varnish color or tonal characteristics. Our goal is to bring out the unique and best personality in each instrument while maintaining the vision and integrity the original maker had in mind.

The prices listed are a basic guideline of costs. Individual estimates are necessary on any repairs requiring varnish touch up, crack repairs, neck grafts, and repairs requiring the instrument to be opened.

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