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Linnd Shoulder Rest - Violin - Clearance


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Linnd Shoulder Rest - Violin. Clearance. Shoulder Rests are new; packaging is damaged. No returns or exchanges. 
The Benefits of Linnd as described by Linnd:

• Revolutionary, patent-protected, unique Linnd shoulder rest design
..overcomes flaws in conventional shoulder rests.

• The extremely light weight of the Linnd shoulder rest has minimal effect
..on the sound of the violin

• The structure of the Linnd shoulder rest is designed to create a totally
..stable supporting platform for the violin

• The "no-splay" design of the Linnd shoulder rest means that very little
..pressure is required across the back of the violin to keep the Linnd rest in
..position.  This lack of constriction allows back of the instrument to resonate
..freely, dramatically increasing the tone and volume in comparison to other
..conventional shoulder rest designs..

• The small feet of the Linnd shoulder rest are designed to have their point
..of contact outside the purfling line and therefore, when compared to other
..brands, do not dampen the back and sides of the violin.

• For maximum ease of use and playing comfort, the Linnd shoulder rest easily and quickly adjustable in both height and fitting width to fit virtually
..any 4/4 violin and player.  The Linnd rest has sufficient adjustment range to many 3/4 violins.

• The ergonomic and sonic advantages of the Linnd shoulder rest cannot surpassed, or even equalled, by any other violin shoulder rest.

• Each and every part of a Linnd shoulder rest comes with a lifetime warranty to
its original purchaser that covers both materials and workmanship.
Registration is required to activate this warranty. Damage caused through
accident or misuse or normal wear and tear is excluded