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The Violin Family - Melissa Perley and Fiona Lee MacLean - Rootstock Publishing


A wonderful introduction to the string family of instruments that shows young readers the power of music and of caring relationships.

Come meet The Violin Family: Basil, the Bass; Celia, the Violoncello; “Bizzy,” the Viola; and Val and Violet, the Violins! Together, they love to play music and then share a pancake breakfast, complete with local Vermont maple syrup—mm-mmmm!

This picture book for children is an introduction to the family of stringed instruments with a delightful pairing of fact and fiction. In meeting The Violin Family, readers have the opportunity to learn about the anatomy as well as the personality of each of the strings.

One day, while the family is performing their music, Violet falls and has to visit the luthier to be repaired. Will her sound come back so her family can continue to play together as a quintet?

This children’s book explores the power and value of both music and family. The book is authored by Vermont cellist Melissa Perley, with illustrations by Fiona Lee MacLean, and is available November 1, 2019, by Rootstock Publishing.


Melissa Perley is a performing and teaching cellist. She lives in Vermont with her luthier husband, Paul, and family. Together, Paul and Melissa own Paul Perley Cellos, a stringed instrument business.

Fiona Lee MacLean is a farmhand, naturalist, and illustrator. She spent her twenties as a naturalist—teaching kids to be comfortable in and awed by nature. That experience led her back to school to be trained as a science illustrator. She has learned that giving something attention helps you fall in love with it. Creating artwork based on nature, color, process, people, rocks, birds, blankets, mice (you get the picture) means she gets to fall in love (daily) with our world. She hopes what she creates will help others to do the same.