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Violin Bow Keychain

This is more than just a cool keychain. 

This is part of a Brazilwood tree that grew for at least 25 years before being responsibly harvested and naturally dried for several more years.

The Brazilwood was then carved and shaped by a professional bow maker, or archetier, into a violin bow. A violin player then chose this bow as a tool to create beautiful music for a time.

Next, because of damage or because the bow had reached the end of its life, it was retired and re-created, yet, again, into a one-of-a-kind accessory. No two violin wood bow heads are exactly the same because they are made from a natural product in which variations of grains and color occur. It addition, it was carved by hand and played and worn from the violin player’s hands.

Now, it could be in your hands to remind you of all of the talented craftspeople and musicians that shaped it and made it sing.