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Leon Albert - 15" Viola Outfit (for Quarterly Online Rental Agreement)

The rental includes the following items: 15" Viola, 15" Dart Case, 15" Fiberglass Bow, and Dark Rosin.

Payments made quarterly (every 3 months). Not available for shipping. The customer will be expected to sign a rental contract upon pick-up.

These 15" "Leon Albert" violas are set-up in our store by our professionally-trained repair and restoration staff. The instrument has been adjusted for ease of playing and tuning and comes standard with the student string set, Thomastik-Infeld Alphayues (other strings are available upon request and may be subject to additional fees). The instruments have a carved spruce top and maple back, maple ribs and neck, ebony fingerboard and pegs, and tailpiece with integrated fine tuners. 

The outfit comes with a dart-shaped, plywood case. These cases provide excellent protection for the instrument and bow and have additional storage space for a shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth, tuner, and more. 

The bow included is a full-size viola bow with a fiberglass stick. (Brazilwood bows are available upon request at no additional charge.)

The final item in the outfit is a dark rosin which has been selected for its easy grip for students. (Advanced rosins are also available at an additional charge.)

Please Note: 
String wear/breakage is NOT covered under Warranty or Maintenance/Protection and the customer will pay for any replacement strings. 

By Adding this item to your cart, you, the renter, agree to the following terms and conditions listed below for this rental contract and agree all personal information you have listed is current to the best of your knowledge.


String wear/breakage is NOT covered under Warranty or Maintenance/Protection and the customer will pay for any replacement strings.

Rentals will NOT BE SHIPPED. If you choose shipping for your rental, it will be automatically changed to curbside pick-up. (Rental must be picked up at Lashof Violins in Gaithersburg, MD.) 

You must be at least 18 years old to rent an instrument.

The credit card holder MUST:
*Be the Person Who Pays for the first Rental Payment with their Credit Card
*Present photo ID with proof of current address
*Personally pick-up the rented instrument and sign the contract at the store (curbside or in-store).

There is a minimum rental period of three (3) months (one quarter), during which no refunds will be given.

Rental payments are to be paid quarterly (every three {3} months) from the original date of the contract. An additional payment of the same amount will be due in advance on the same date for each three (3) month period thereafter.

The quarterly payment will include Rent, Tax, and (optional) Maintenance/Protection.
If payment is not received within ten days from the due date, a late fee of $ 5.00 will be added to any outstanding balance or unpaid charges.

The rental portion of each quarterly payment applies to the purchase of this or any in-stock rental instrument provided you are current with your payments, are not in default of any terms or conditions of this contract, and the contract has not been terminated.
The maximum rental credit accrued may not exceed the value of the listed rental instrument. You will be expected not to sell, sublet or remove the instrument from the Washington, D.C. area and to inform Lashof Violins of any changes to your contact or billing information.

You are not obligated to purchase the instrument you are renting. You may return the instrument at any time during the contract. If the account is current, no further rental payments will be charged if the rental is returned.

If done so within ninety (90) days of the starting date of rental, you have the option to purchase the listed rental instrument at a 30% discount (plus MD state sales tax) off of the value price listed above; 100% of the first quarterly rental payment (excluding optional maintenance/protection) will be applied to the ninety (90) day discounted price. After the initial ninety (90) day period, the purchase price will be the full value listed above. The purchase price is non-negotiable.

In the event you default under any terms or conditions of this contract, the option to buy shall be void, the payments previously made shall not apply toward the purchase, and the instrument must be returned. If the account is in default, 18% per annum (1% per month) will be added to unpaid balances as well as any court/collection costs incurred.

The renter is responsible for all repair, loss, or damage if the maintenance/protection coverage is waived.

Regardless of Maintenance/Protection coverage, all repairs on rental outfits must be completed by Lashof Violins.

Maintenance/Protection coverage does not include intentional or malicious damage, such as carving or writing on the instrument, or applying decals/stickers; nor does it cover disposable accessories, such as strings and rosin.

The maintenance/protection option has been made available to provide coverage for your rental instrument. The nominal fee for these services, payable with your rental payments, will protect you throughout the entire time you rent our instrument. This fee does not apply to the purchase of the instrument. This service is not available for customer-owned instruments.

Coverage includes all adjustments and repairs to keep your instrument in playing condition and repairs made to damaged instruments, as well as replacement if the instrument is lost or stolen. For all maintenance and repairs, the instrument must be returned to Lashof Violins who will have the sole discretion in determining if the instrument will be repaired or replaced. In cases of loss or theft, a copy of a police report will be required prior to the replacement of the instrument. In cases of replacement, the instrument will be replaced as close to the original as Lashof Violins has available.

The account automatic charge is a free service and is required for all online rentals. It is your responsibility to contact Lashof violas in the event your credit card has been replaced for any reason.

You will receive annual account updates until the full value of the instrument is paid through rental or the contract is terminated. Automatic charge accounts unable to be charged within ten (10) days of the due date as a result of customer card account/address changes will be charged a $ 5.00 late fee and are subject to the same terms and conditions regarding account default.

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