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Magic Rosin - Ultra

Magic Rosin® is a professional-grade rosin which uses only premium, purified pine resins in its production. 

The unique creation process results in a rosin which has a clear, glass-like appearance. The clear rosin makes it possible to get fun images clearly displayed underneath the rosin. 

Magic Rosin comes in two formulas — 3G or Ultra:

  • Choose your formula: 3G, Ultra, or X

    • 3G is a grippy rosin designed for violin and viola
    • Ultra is grippier than 3G. We recommend it for cellists or any advanced string player seeking more grip and “pop.”
    • X is the grippiest rosin with a powerful feel. Bassists and cellists may prefer X Formula alone while violinists and violists may enjoy blending it with 3G or Ultra. X Formula is currently only available in one design.


Apply Less Often!

Because Magic Rosin has such excellent grip, it only takes 2-3 swipes across the entire bow to create enough grip for most players. It also adheres to bow hair longer than most rosin — many players find they do not need to re-apply every time they practice.