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Precipitube - Refill Packet (Custom 24-32 inches)

Do you find your Precipitube® Humidifier is no longer refilling throughout the entire Precipitube®? These refill packets are designed to replace the existing crystals in your Precipitube® Humidifier so you can keep protecting your investments!

When all of the old crystals are dry within the
Precipitube Humidifier®, gently remove 1 end cap (do
not twist) & dispose of the old crystals in garbage.
Refill tube with contents of refill packet & replace end
cap. Then simply reactivate & enjoy!

Do not attempt to force old crystals out of The Precipitube Humidifier®.
Do not over-fill The Precipitube Humidifier®. Do not ingest contents.
Do not soak in water for more than 15 minutes.