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30 Studies- Simandl - Bass - Fischer


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30 Studies by Franz Simandl for String Bass. Published by Carl Fischer. This piece is also known as 30 Etudes by Franz Simandl.

Table Of Contents:

1. Maestoso, in C major
2. Andante con moto, in F major
3. Marciale, in B-flat major
4. Allegro ma non troppo, in E-flat major
5. Allegro maestoso, in A minor 
6. Allegro ma non troppo, in A major 
7. Andante comodo, in G major 
8. Allegro moderato, in G minor
9. Moderato, in E major
10. Moderato maestoso, in C minor 
11. Allegro scherzando, in A minor 
12. Moderato quasi andante, in A-flat major 
13. Maestoso assai, in E-flat minor
14. Maestoso molto pesante, in B major
15. Andantino, in B minor
16. Allegro marcato, in B-flat major 
17. Tempo di Polacca, in E minor 
18. Allegro maestoso, in E major 
19. Largo, in C-sharp minor 
20. Moderato assai, in F major 
21. Risoluto, in F minor 
22. Andante, in D-flat major 
23. Larghetto, in G-sharp minor 
24. Allegretto, in G-flat major
25. Allegro pesante, in D minor 
26. Grave, in D major 
27. Lento, in F-sharp major 
28. Allegretto moderato, in B-flat minor 
29. Andante con moto, in F-sharp minor 
30. Allegro, in E minor 
30 Studies- Simandl - Bass - Fischer

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