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Box Rosin - Dark (for Beginners)

This Dark Rosin is the perfect rosin for all beginning violinists, violists, and cellists. With more grip than advanced and professional rosins, this box rosin helps students easily grab the strings with their bow. 

Additionally, it comes in a wood box with plastic cover. This helps protect the rosin in the event it is dropped during rehearsal or practice. 

*Pro Tip: Do NOT scratch your rosin! The bow hair is coarse enough to pull the rosin off and apply in an even fashion. Scratching or gouging the surface of the rosin creates micro-fractures along the rosin's surface and causes the rosin to wear out faster, apply chunks of rosin to bow hair instead of powder, catch bow hair in the rosin and cause breakage, and makes the rosin more likely to crumble and leave a sticky mess all over your case.