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Dolfinos Cello Grip-Foot Basic Edition - Endpin Rest

The DOLFINOS Grip-Foot Basic Edition is the ultimate endpin stopper made in Switzerland. Its sleek and classy design sticks perfectly to most surfaces such as wood, carpet, marble, and even ice. The groundbreaking innovation offers the player complete independence from any complicated setups on many different floor types. Its cutting edge design was developed in collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Polymer Nanotechnology. The Grip-Foot Basic Edition consists of two components: a hard base plate to rest the endpin tip and a super grippy jacket that grabs onto just about any surface, both of which can be easily replaced if they get damaged or are worn out. At only 9cm (3.5in) in diameter weighing at 40g (1.4oz), the DOLFINOS Grip-Foot Basic Edition is one of the most portable endpin rest made for everyone and everywhere, and provides you outstanding performance.