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Magic Rosin - Ultra

Magic Rosin® is a professional-grade rosin which uses only premium, purified pine resins in its production.

The unique creation process results in a rosin which has a clear, glass-like appearance. The clear rosin makes it possible to get fun images clearly displayed underneath the rosin. 

Magic Rosin comes in two formulas — 3G or Ultra:

  • 3G has a nice grip and works well for violinists and violists.
  • Ultra has even more grip and is recommended for cellists, bassists, or any advanced violinist or violist player looking for even more grip when playing. 


Apply Less Often!

Because Magic Rosin has such excellent grip, it only takes 2-3 swipes across the entire bow to create enough grip for most players. It also adheres to bow hair longer than most rosin — many players find they do not need to re-apply every time they practice.