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Teacher Resources

We hope you all are remaining well. We could certainly go on and on about how different this school year will be, but you already know that!

So, let’s jump into how we can help!

How We Can Help
During Distance Learning, we understand that getting your hands on a student’s instrument may be difficult and we want to highlight some of the services we, at Lashof Violins, always offer for free.

  1.        Tuning. Regardless of where the instrument was rented or purchased, we are more than happy to tune any violin, viola, or cello any time. Please feel free to have students contact us for help with tuning!
  2.        Soundpost Resets. We will reset a fallen soundpost on any violin, viola, or cello any time for no charge.
  3.        Standing Fallen Bridges. We will stand a fallen bridge (and reset the soundpost which has probably also fallen) on any violin, viola, or cello for no charge.
  4.        String Installation. When a customer purchases a violin, viola, or cello string from our store, we will install that string for free. (Strings purchased from other stores do have a small installation fee.)
  5.        Powdered Rosin Application. With a rise in online instrument sales, we have noticed a large number of distributors are sending out bows with no rosin applied to the bow. Regardless of where the bow is from, we will gladly apply a starter coat of powdered rosin to any bow to help the player get started.
  6.        Repair Evaluations. We are happy to inspect and give a check-up to any violin, viola, or cello at no charge.
  7.        Student Sizing. We can help size any student see which instrument is the best fit... at no charge. 
  8.        Shoulder Rest or Chin Rest Fitting. If you have a student struggling with posture/positioning, we can check to make sure their chin rest and shoulder rest are the right fit.
  9.        Instrument Adaptability. If you have a student who, in a rare or special case, needs to play their instrument in the opposite direction, we can adapt any of our instruments to swap the string order and adjust the bridge, nut, and chin rest accordingly.


Product Features

First Frets

We thought the First Frets removable fingerboard marker may be useful during distance learning and wanted to make a special offer. Upon customer request, we will offer a free First Frets on any of our rental instruments and will install them at no extra charge. This offer will be valid during all months of distance learning.

For customers who do not rent with us, we will also offer free installation for any First Frets purchased at our store.  

Click here to visit our web store and check out other Teaching Aids

If you are not familiar with our store, we just wanted to quickly highlight our rental program.

All of our rental instruments are set-up by our luthiers and professionally trained repair staff and come with a (tuned!) instrument, case, bow (with a primer coat of rosin), dark box rosin, and First Fret (for a limited time upon request).

All instruments come standard with fine tuners and ebony pegs and fingerboards. 

Click Here for a link to a Free Download of our Rental Flyer


Helpful Resources on Our Website


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As always, if there’s anything we can do to help (or if there is more content which you think may be helpful for us to share),  please don’t hesitate to contact us!!!

Best of luck to you all!!!