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Teacher Tips and Resources

Here are our blog entries including tips for measuring students, caring for instruments in a classroom, and other topics which teachers may find useful.



Humidifying in the Classroom

Four rosins; one is new, one is lightly scuffed, one is scratched, & one is carved into.

Keeping dozens of string instruments in tune and humidified while making lesson plans, e-mailing parents, and making music is a lot to deal with. Here we go over our best tips for humidifying in a classroom setting.

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Posted on: 24 FEB 2023 


Teacher Resources

A violin teacher playing along with their young student.We have put together a list of resources that may be beneficial for those teachers. 

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Posted on: 29 AUGUST 2020


How to Measure a Student for an Instrument

An out-stretched arm with a yardstick above for measurement.With most schools operating virtually, we thought it might be a good time to address how to measure your student for an instrument from home.

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Posted on: 22 AUGUST 2020


Quick Repairs to Do in an Emergency

An out-stretched arm with a yardstick above for measurement.Here are some simple repairs which can be done before a performance or when your favorite violin shop is closed.

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Posted on: 2 FEBRUARY 2018

Answers to Common Bow Hair Questions 

A blue heart made of small hanks of horsehair. We find a lot of customers have questions about the hair on their bows. 
Here we answer some of the more common questions customers have about their bow hair.  

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Posted on: 23 MAY 2019


How to Install a Violin String

Click Here for String Identification Chart 

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Lashof Violins Presents: 
How to Reset a Fallen Violin Bridge

Click Here to Learn about the Mensur Ratio


Slipping Peg Strife

Violin pegs sitting on a workbench.
Here we discuss the common causes of slipping pegs and offer some helpful solutions

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Posted on: 15 MAR 2016

What's the Buzz?!

A bee buzzing with little eighth notes floating behind it.
Have you discovered a buzz on your instrument? Here are some common causes of buzzes and tips for easy fixes at home. 

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Posted on: 10 MAR 2021


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