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See what some of our happy customers have to say about their experience in our store!

My teacher recommended coming to your store after having an unpleasant experience at another store closer to me...Wow, what a difference, I felt like my daughter and I were important to you, even though we were only looking to get a lower priced handmade instrument. I couldn't spend $2000.00 or more on a violin at this point, and your pleasant, honest and no pressure staff showed me an assortment of violins around $1200.00-much more in my price range. Not only will I be recommending your store whenever possible, but I also now have even more respect for our teacher. BTW our teacher loves the violin. Thanks 

-Dawn N.

I had to let you know how amazing our friend's violin sounds. Not only did you make it look lovely, but you must have found the best strings for that instrument. It sounded awesome! She asked Matthew to play it when we returned it to her last night. He played some classical and some fiddle and it was beautiful. She was thrilled. Thank you so much for bringing it back to life. A fourth generation in her family will soon be playing it! Thanks again!

-Jean B.

I am constantly amazed at how you and your staff come up with solutions to my every day teaching and playing needs. You don't just sell products, you make them work for us, and when it doesn't exist you make it. Incredible. Thank you, Thank you. Your Precipitube is the answer I have been looking for.

-John K.

My teacher was just thrilled at the quality of the rental instrument that I just picked up. She regularly sees so many bad instruments that other stores are renting. I was most appreciative of the knowledge and service that I received from Alicia even though you were extremely busy that day. Thanks and I will let all my friends know of you.

-Dee (Rockville)

I happened to spot your store a few weeks ago and stopped in briefly to have my violin looked at. What a pleasant experience. I was very impressed with the professionalism and the ability to get the instrument adjusted (and strings) to be at its top performance. Genevieve waited on me and she was very informative, helpful, and courteous. Thanks for your assistance and I assure you I will be back when needs arise.

-Carrol (Towson)

I am new to playing the violin and needed to have my grandfathers violin repaired. I was expecting the auto mechanic approach to repairs but was I ever surprised. Thanks for all your help and advise.

-Frank P.

I just picked up my son's Klier cello from my local dealer that recommended we use your store for our repair needs, as they could not handle this kind of complicated repair. I just had to get your email address and contact you. I can't believe that this is the same cello that we sent to you. My son had smashed in the lower end of his cello and your repair is flawless. In addition to the repair it has never sounded so good. My son's teacher liked the cello before, but was blown away with your repair work and adjustments. To quote my son Jeffrey - "Awesome"

-Cecil C.

Honest and caring customer service! Incredibly knowledgeable and personally invested in their work.

-Andrea (Fairfax)

The staff is untouchable compared to anywhere else and they won't pull the wool over your eyes. They are honest, caring people that will tell you what needs to be done and will do the job right every time.

-Jeff (PA)

The professionalism of the staff is high and very helpful. They are balanced and thoughtful in helping both the adults and the kids in understanding how to determine the right fit, equipment and instrument from the beginning and over time. Patient with questions; helpful with options and tips, the experience for us has been great!

-Douglas T.

We made it to Lashof (Violins) on Saturday and the viola was ready. You had to see Angela's face when she heard that viola. She is very excited with the exchange. Thanks for helping us with the selection of the new viola.

-Veronica Z.

I just received my new Coda Conservatory Bow (with Snakewood frog) last night. Wow, what a difference! I’ve been using a Pernambuco bow with 100% Stallion hair and a faux tortoise shell frog that doesn’t have the balance or create the beautiful tone that the new Coda Bow does. My wife, who is mildly tone deaf, was passing by the practice room and stopped dead in her tracks to tell me that even she could hear a notable difference! Simply put, I was stunned and couldn’t put it down.

Anyway, thank you for getting it shipped across the country so quickly. I will definitely recommend your shop to anyone I talk to. When the need arises I have every intention of patronizing your business once again. Long story short, thank you for your price, delivery, and service! Even across the country, your prices and service were better than those of my local shops!

Andy Browning


The Andy Browning Band

Spokane, WA

I came in to buy a violin book, and left with a new violin. I come to town once a year as an exhibitor at the MC Fair. 4 years ago I saw your store and stopped in to see if you had a book I needed. In addition to having the book I needed, I looked at your incredible selection of violins. I spent several hours looking at violins and picked one, I also was impressed that you were willing to take my violin in trade, even though I didn't purchase it from you. Each year I stop by when in town, I again looked at violins and decided to upgrade. Thanks again for all your help. See you again next year.

-Jennifer C.

What a great selection of Carbon Fiber bows-I called around but nobody else in the area has so many models in stock to choose from and the prices are great too. You were also right on target with your recommendations based on my playing style. Thanks again.

-Pat S. (Fairfax)