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Purchase Warranty

These terms and conditions cover all instruments, bows, and cases sold by Lashof Violins as well as repairs. Specific terms and conditions apply to certain items, so please read this warranty in its entirety.

Lashof Violins warranties its instruments, cases, and bows to be free of defects in material and construction as described in detail below. Lashof Violins will, at its option, repair or replace any item found to have been defective in materials or manufacture under the terms stated here to the original purchaser. Lashof Violins shall be the sole arbiter of eligibility for warranty repair or replacement. Lashof Violins' liability is limited to the repair or replacement of defective items. Lashof Violins reserves the right to make changes to this warranty. The policies in place at the time of purchase will be honored.

Purchase Restrictions

Instruments: Lashof Violins' limited warranty on instruments applies only to the original purchaser and warranties its instruments to be free of defects in material and construction for 5 years. The warranty does not cover strings (Why Strings Break and Other Maintenance Tips). The warranty on pegs, chinrests, endpins, and tailpieces is limited to one year. Bridges are covered by warranty for a period of three months.

Damage caused by neglect or misuse of instruments is not covered. Please note: exposure to excessive heat, cold, dryness, or moisture is considered neglect. The warranty is void if any repair or attempt to repair is done by anyone other than Lashof Violins. Instrument adjustments to sound and feel are not covered by this warranty. Normal wear caused by the normal use of items is not covered by this warranty.

Please note: openings in an instrument’s seams are common and are covered for a 6 month period due to the nature of wood and its reactions to seasonal changes. Lashof Violins' instruments have been made using traditional hide glue to help prevent cracks in the wood. All Lashof Violins' instruments are stable at 40% humidity and cracks to the instruments are NOT covered as they are the result of improper care. To avoid seam openings or cracks caused by extreme or sudden changes in temperature or humidity, please protect your instrument by maintaining humidity levels between 40% and 60% (see Humidity and Your Instrument), and do not expose your instrument to temperatures above or below those generally found comfortable by people (roughly 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit).

Bows: Limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the bow. The bow is limited to be free of defect in material and construction for 1 year. Hair is not covered by warranty, except for its installation. Original hair installation is covered for a period of six months as it is recommended that the hair be changed every 6 months.

Bow hair-eating bugs (carpet beetle) can chew on unattended bows. Lashof Violins is not responsible for hair that has been attacked by these bugs. To help prevent this, use your bow regularly or store it in a sealed plastic bag when not in use for extended periods of time. (Click here for more information on bow bugs.) Damage caused by neglect or misuse of bows is not covered. Damage caused by normal wear is not covered (such as scratches). 

The warranty is void if any repair or attempt to repair the bow is done by anyone other than Lashof Violins. Wooden bows react to changes in temperature and humidity just like the instruments. One common result of exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity is the warping or loss of curve (camber) to the bow. The Lashof Violins warranty covers this warping for 6 months.

Please also note: Bows that are left tightened for long periods of time are likely to warp or break. To protect your bow from warping, always be sure to loosen it after playing. Cracks to the head or shaft of the bow are not covered for any reason. Wood bows, by their design, are prone to cracks at the head and no other damage may be visible. Bone, silver, plastic or imitation ivory tip plates are designed to protect the bow’s fragile tip. These can be damaged either by dropping or hitting the bow tip. They can also become loose over time from changes in humidity and temperature. For these reasons, Lashof Violins limits its warranty of tip plates for 12 months and limits the repairs to re-gluing only and only if Lashof Violins has performed any/all rehairs of the bow. Chips to the point of the bow tip are not covered.

Cases: Warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the case. Damage caused by either normal wear, misuse, or neglect is not covered. Lashof Violins' warranty responsibilities and liabilities are limited to repair or replacement of defective cases or parts for one year from the date of purchase. Due to manufacturer changes in design, repaired items will be matched as closely to original manufacture as possible. Damage to instruments, bows, or other personal property being stored or transported in Lashof Violins cases is not covered by this warranty. Used cases are sold as-is and are not eligible for returns or exchanges.
Repair Warranties

Due to changes in humidity and temperature and the fluctuation of wood caused by such, Lashof Violins’ warranty is limited to 1 year for all repairs, unless otherwise noted (here or on customer receipt). Bridges are not covered against breakage or warping.

Bow rehairs are limited to the installation of hair and do not cover loss of hair due to insects or to hair that stretches or shrinks due to climate or the passage of time. Rehairs (bow hair replacement) are recommended every 6 months on all bows.

Wear or damage caused by regular use, neglect, and misuse (i.e. improper humidification, dropping of the instrument, a bow left unused for years, etc.) is not covered by warranty. Bow tips are not covered against breakage.

Artistic restorations on musical instruments are subject to the interpretation of the individual restorer and as such cannot be offered with a guarantee of specific results regarding varnish color or tonal characteristics. Our goal is to bring out the unique and best voice in each instrument while maintaining the integrity as to what the original maker had in mind.

Strings are not covered once installed.

All warranty work must be performed by Lashof Violins and warranty coverage will be at the sole discretion of Lashof Violins. This warranty is void if any additional repair or attempt to repair is done by anyone other than Lashof Violins.